Many agents have built strong relationships with their clients. Either by choice or by mandate from their sponsoring broker they do not manage rental properties.


Many of our realtor friends continue to build and strengthen those relationships and increase income by placing the property on the lease market. Unfortunately, most property management companies will not allow agents to list the properties the management company will be managing.


  • PURE Property Management of Texas truly wants a partnership with the real estate community. Here’s how we are different: you list the property for lease, add our applications link to your listing, and Our office processes the applications, ensures ESA’s are true ESA’s, notifies you and the landlord once an applicant has been approved.
  • You get paid for listing the property and we start managing the property. (Oh, and by the way. If you refer a new client for management, we will also pay you a $750 referral fee). When the resident notifies our office they will be vacating the property, we notify you and you re-list the property for lease.
  • You don’t have to keep track just let our office do all the work. Also, as always with PURE Property Management of Texas, if the client notifies us with intentions to sell or buy additional properties, you the referring agent are the first one we call. Your clients are your clients.

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