We are intentionally looking to purchase management accounts and we are interested in visiting with you.


  • No matter if you manage a few properties or operate a property management company, the business is getting more challenging. Property Management can be tough.
  • New local, state and federal laws forces us to adapt or risk being on the wrong side of a lawsuit or Federal Fair Housing complaint.
  • Client and resident demands, Google or Yelp reviews, new credit reporting rules, banking and trust fund account changes, educational requirements, and increased insurance premiums are just a few of the behind the scenes activity property managers must stay in front of daily.


  • I am just exploring the idea of selling in the future, but not today. What time frame should we get together and meet?

    We have found the sooner you start planning the better. Brainstorming with a fellow property manager allows you to look at several options. Contact our team to start a discussion.
  • I have an idea of what my accounts are worth, how do we determine value?

    The market changes just like real estate changes. We can check current sales conditions are together. Bottom line is, either we are both ok with the price and terms or we are not. If you don’t feel comfortable, we don’t move forward.
  • How long does it take to close on a purchase?

    There are a lot of variables such as number of properties, are you looking to sell a few accounts or your entire company. Usually 60-90 days.
  • I am concerned about my clients and employees knowing I am thinking of selling. How does our discussion remain confidential?

    Everything discussed will remain confidential and can execute a Non-Disclosure agreement.


Call our office at 512-439-3600 or email Greg Doering at gdoering@purepm.co to set up a confidential and no obligation meeting.

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