• Can I Use My Security Deposit As The Last Month’s Rent?

    No, the Texas Property Code states that use of resident’s security deposit is prohibited.
  • When Is My Rent Due And Where Can I Pay My Rent?

    Rents are due the first day of each month. 

    You have several choices when making your payment. 

    You may pay on-line. (Pay on-line Now) 

    You may mail payment to our office located at: 

    PURE Property Management of Texas

    2300 Greenhill Drive 

    Suite 250 

    Round Rock, Texas 78664 

    (Checks must be received in our office by the due date and not postmarked)

  • How Do I Get Help For A Maintenance Problem?

    For faster service, please submit your maintenance request. Please utilize the maintenance FAQs (Maintenance FAQs) and troubleshooting guide before submitting your maintenance request.

  • Do I Need Renter's Insurance?

    Yes, but we have you covered. Renters insurance is widely misunderstood. Most residents believe that the Landlord or the Landlords insurance provides coverage for the resident’s personal property. The fact is the landlord and their insurance provides zero coverage for you. In the event of a flood, fire, or the property becoming uninhabitable renters’ insurance will provide coverage. The landlord is not responsible for replacing any of your personal items. Our resident benefits package has you covered as it includes $20,000 of coverage with only a $500 deductible.

    Residents are responsible for obtaining insurance for their personal property if they want to be covered in the event of fire, theft, or other type of loss. 

    It is highly recommended that all residents carry enough insurance to cover themselves and their personal property. Please consult with your insurance agent for specific details. It's cheap, and we've seen far too many residents not get reimbursed for personal property damages. 

    In addition to coverage for their personal property, a renter's policy also provides liability coverage. Residents may wonder why they need liability coverage when the landlord's policy has it. The answer is simple: because the landlord's insurance only covers landlord liability. It doesn't cover the resident's liability. Renter's insurance covers the resident's liability up to a set limit, as long as the resident did not intentionally cause the loss. Liability coverage isn't just limited to damage to others or others' property that occurs inside the resident's residence. It also covers legal defense expenses and the renter's liability outside the home. A common example we have seen is when a resident moves in and hooks up the washer and dryer incorrectly, which floods the home. We have seen claims of up to $15,000. Because the residents had insurance, the insurance paid it, instead of the residents. Remember, it's cheap and it protects you.

    PURE Property Management of Texas includes in all lease agreements a Resident benefit package. Residents must choose One.

  • Do I Have To Turn In My Keys To The Office When I Move Out?

    Yes, the contract states that in order for you to receive your security deposit back, you must turn in all keys, openers, and provide a forwarding address to our office. Failure to return keys to our office may delay the processing and disbursement of your security deposit along with a $75.00 fee for additional handling and administration coordination of the staff.

  • How Much Will It Cost Me If I Break My Lease?

    A lease contract in the State of Texas is a legally binding contract. You are obligated for all rents, lawn maintenance, and utilities for the remainder of the lease contract. If you must break your contract, you must pay the re-letting fee as stated in your lease contract. Once paid, the owner is obligated to place the property back on the leasing market in an effort to secure a new resident. Once a new resident has been approved and taken possession of the property, you are released from your obligation, and any rent paid will be pro-rated and returned to you within 30 days.

  • When Do I Get My Deposit Back?

    If you have returned all house keys, pools keys/cards, and openers to our office and provided a forwarding address, all deposits are returned within 30 days.

    Tips to a faster refund-

    1. If you vacate a few days prior your lease expiration, notify our office that you have vacated. Many times we can coordinate an early move–out inspection. We process move-out inspections on a first come first served basis.

    2. By using our move-out check list (Move-Out Checklist) you not only decrease the time in returning your deposit, you will be less likely to have a deduction for cleaning, lawn maintenance, or repairs. The less maintenance and cleaning (Cleaning Checklist) needed to be completed, the faster you receive your deposit.

  • Can I Do Any Work/Make Any Improvements Or Paint The Property?

    The terms of your lease will stipulate what you can and cannot do, but the answer is typically no. If you have any questions about a specific necessary improvement or repair, please give us a call to discuss it, and we will accommodate you as soon as possible. There are certain exceptions, such as in the case of disability-related improvements as discussed in the Fair Housing Act.

  • Can I Negotiate The Deposit And Can It Be Split Up?

    Unfortunately, we cannot split deposits, and they are not negotiable. All deposits must be paid 48 hours after our office has sent you the lease agreement.

  • I Am Getting A New Roommate Do They Have To Apply?

    Any additional occupants that are 18 years and older, must submit an application and application fee to be approved. PURE Property Management of Texas does this for your safety. We will conduct a full resident screening. Neither you nor us want you to inadvertently choose a roommate that may harm you or the property, and can pay their rent. If the results of the screening are acceptable, we can email you the documentation that needs to be signed, or we can schedule a time for all of you to come in and sign the authorizing paperwork. A fee to add or change roommates may apply.

  • How Do I Take Someone Off The Lease?

    Any changes to the rental contract must be in writing. If you have someone who has moved out, it might be in your best interest to keep that person on the lease, as that resident remains as responsible for the rent payments as you are. However, if a resident has moved out or is in the process of moving out, we simply need something in writing from both the departing resident and the remaining residents requesting the change. If the remaining residents qualify on their own, we will gladly make the change. If they don't, the remaining residents may pay a higher deposit or keep the vacating resident on the lease until it terminates. PURE Property Management of Texas can email you the paperwork, or you can schedule a time to come into the office to sign the new documents. Please contact us at austin@purepm.co for these requests.

  • Can I Pay My Rent Thru Auto-Pay?

    Absolutely. In fact, auto-pay is the only way we can 100% guarantee that you will never have to pay late fees, so long as you have the funds in your account when it pulls the rent out. Sign up for our PayLease.

  • I Have Given My 45-Day Notice To Move Out, But I Need To Retract My 45-Day Notice. What Am I Supposed To Do?

    We're so glad that you have chosen to stay. Just like your notice to vacate, your notice to stay needs to be in writing and sent to the office right away. The fastest approach would be to email your retraction to austin@purepm.co or mail it to 2300 Greenhill Drive Suite 250 Round Rock, Texas 78664. If our office has placed the property back on the lease market, there will be a withdraw fee. Additionally, there is a chance that we may have already secured new residents, so once you have sent your retraction, you may also want to call us to confirm its receipt and to make sure that the lease can be extended.

  • When I Move Out Why Can't I Clean The Carpet Myself?

    Unfortunately, not all carpet cleaners are the same. Also, some residents have rented carpet cleaners from grocery stores or used residential cleaners and caused more harm than good. The property’s carpets were professional cleaned prior to your tenancy and must be cleaned again by a PURE Property Management of Texas, LLC. approved vendor.

  • I Have Given My 45 Day Notice, But I Need An Extra Week To Move Out. What Do I Need To Do?

    We will always try to work with you when we have flexibility. Please email your request along with a specific holdover date to us at austin@purepm.co. In the event we have already secured a new resident, we may not be able accommodate your request. Once such a request is received, you will receive notification that the extension has been accepted or denied. You will be required to maintain the property and all utilities during the lease holdover period.

  • How Long Will It Take To Process My Application?

    Most applications take 48-72 hours as we do hire a professional screening company to verify employment, income, rental history, credit, and check for any criminal history.

  • When Will I Hear From You Once I Turn My Application In To Your Office?

    If you use our on-line application process, we will be able to communicate with you more often and quicker. If you personally submit your application, please be sure to include an email address as most verifications come via email and it is much easier to email you updates. We will email or call and acknowledge receipt of your application within a day of receipt. Once your application is in process, we will contact you either by phone or email daily. We need ONE CONTACT per household. We cannot call every roommate.

  • Who Must Complete An Application And What Are The Requirements?

    All adults age 18 and over must present photo identification and complete an application. The income requirement is 3 times the monthly rent. We will check your landlord and employment references to determine your ability to pay the rent on time and to take care of the property.

  • What Do I Do In An Emergency?

    If this is an after-hours emergency, please call our 24 hour emergency at 512-439-3602, and your call will be directed to our after-hours emergency maintenance team. (Examples of emergencies are active water flooding, fire, or anything you believe to be dangerous to your health that can’t wait until the next business day.)

    **For FIRE, GAS or Natural Disasters, call 911 First!

  • Can I Make Repairs And Deduct Them From My Rent?

    No, you should not make your own repairs and you should never deduct any amount from your rent, ever. Some minor repairs/troubleshooting should be done by the resident, such as flipping a breaker or unclogging a toilet. But for the most part, residents should not take the risk or liability in attempting their own repairs. For a list of repairs and troubleshooting that are approved, please visit our Maintenance FAQs. Since most repairs do require a professional who is licensed, bonded, and insured, please use our on-line maintenance request form to submit your maintenance needs.

  • How Do I Get My Full Security Deposit Back?

    In general, the property must be returned in a professionally cleaned manner less normal wear and tear; plus all maintenance requirements deemed resident responsibility must be completed. Therefore, a number of things need to take place. All drapes, blinds, and window coverings must be cleaned. The unit must also have been cleaned inside and outside. All personal items and garbage must be removed from the property. All the windows inside/out, screens, and tracks must be cleaned. PURE Property Management of Texas, LLC. does have an approved vendor list for all your cleaning needs. Please call the office at 512-439-3600 for a list. Smoke detector batteries must be changed. New furnace filters need to be installed. If you have repainted the interior walls/ceilings an unauthorized color, or you have caused damage to the walls with large or excessive nails and tacks you must paint the walls/ceiling to its original color/condition. If you vacate during the lawn mowing months, the grass must be trimmed within three days of vacating (during the dormant period of the year the yards must appear to have been trimmed and mowed at the end of the last growing season). Flower beds must be free of weeds. Trees and shrubs must be neatly trimmed. Please check your lease, addendums and Move-Out Requirements Checklist for further information and clarifications.

  • Can I Move Out Before The 45 Days Are Up?

    Yes. You are responsible for the rent, maintenance of the lawn and utilities for the entire 45 days unless a resident moves into the unit prior to that time. If this occurs, the remainder of rent will be refunded to you.

  • What Do I Do With The Keys And Garage Controllers When I Move And How Long Will It Take To Get My Deposit Back?

    The garage controllers should be left in the house. Keys need to be returned to our office. This lets us know you have officially moved out and we have possession of the property. Security deposits or the disposition will be mailed to you within 30 days from the time keys are returned. It is very important that we have a forwarding address so this process is not delayed.

  • Do I Have To Be There For The Move-Out Inspection?

    No. When you deliver possession of the property (return keys) you have acknowledged completion of your efforts to make the property ready for inspection. The property managers conduct their Move-Out inspections 9:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M., Monday through Friday. You will be notified of the results when you receive your ‘Disposition of Security Deposit’.

  • How Much Is The Application Fee?

    All individuals 18 years of age or older must complete a separate application and pay a $60.00 non-refundable fee.

  • Are There Any Pet Fees?

    Deposits- For each pet a $200 refundable deposit is required. Pets with a five or four rating will be charged a $20 per month fee. Pets with a three rating will be charged a $25 per month fee. Pets with a rating of one or two will not be allowed. The pet fee is charged monthly and paid with your monthly rent. Water filled tanks “fish tanks” must pay $10 per month for each tank over 10 gallons. Birds are required to pay $10 per month per cage. *No fee applies to service animals.

  • Can I Sublease?

    You may not sublease your property.

  • What If I Want To Get A Pet After I Have Moved In?

    Adding a pet after a resident has taken possession of a property is not guaranteed. The owner has the right to accept or deny the addition of any pet to the property. Before accruing a pet the resident must submit a pet application through petscreener, no puppies will be considered. If the owner allows the pet, the resident must complete a Pet Addendum to the contract, pay the required pet deposit along with the pet fee.

  • How Long Should I Wait To Hear Back From Someone Regarding A Maintenance Problem?

    If you submit an on-line maintenance request, you will hear back from us within one business day. If the request comes via fax, please allow up to two business days. Phone requests are discouraged, as we generally get incomplete information which delays the processing of your request. If you have not heard from our office or our vendor in three days, please contact austin@purepm.co or 512-439-3600.

  • I Don't Want The Owner To Come In And Do Inspections.

    With proper notice, both the property owner and PURE Property Management of Texas have the right to inspect the property. In some cases, the owner is actually required by the IRS and their insurance company to make at least one inspection per year.

  • What Do I Do If I Need To Move Out?

    It is required that you provide written 45-day notice using PURE's official notice form. You can mail, email, or hand deliver this. If you do not get verification of receipt within 3 business days, please contact our office immediately as we did not receive.

  • What Do I Have To Do To Move From The Property?

    To officially begin the move-out process, you need to submit a written 45-day notice to the office. The 45 day period begins when written request is received in the offices of PURE Property Management of Texas Company. The term of your lease must have expired, or you must be on a month to month tenancy. During the 45-Day Notice period, it is your responsibility to prepare the property for return of possession to PURE Property Management of Texas Company. The rental agreement details your responsibilities pertaining to property condition at the end of your tenancy

  • What Will My Rent Be If I Go Month-To-Month?

    It is generally not in the investors best interest to allow a month-to month lease. In rare circumstances an owner will make an accommodation. If you have a request for extending your lease to a month to month, you may submit your request to austin@purepm.co. Our office will contact the owner for approval. The more information you can provide our office such as need for month to month and specific move-out dates will help expedite your request.