• The industry average for evictions is between 5-9%. PURE Property Management of Texas has an eviction rate of less than 1%.
  • We know that proper and accurate screening of potential residents is the first and best place to reduce landlord liability.
  • Greatly improve the likelihood of securing residents that will pay rent on time, stay compliant with the terms of the lease and maintain the condition of the property.


  • Using our Resident Selection Criteria.
    • The Texas Property Code, 92.3515, states all residents must have access to a Landlords resident selection criteria. PURE Property Management of Texas uses a criteria that complies with the property code as it addresses all five areas required by law. Additionally, by enforcing strict compliance, we ensure Federal Fair Housing Guidelines are met.
  • Run a 50 state criminal check that includes National Sex Offenders Registry and International Terrorism Search, Social Security Fraud, National Criminal Alias, broken leases, and student loan defaults.
  • We verify employment with current and previous employers, requiring the two most recent paystubs be submitted.
  • Credit scores, collections, delinquencies, credit histories and summaries allow us to look at current as well as past performance.


  • Conducting a thorough search of the applicant’s prior rental history gives us insight in both abilities to pay rent but also the ability to maintain the condition of the property.
  • Some applicants can be very deceptive, even to the point of having friends or family members pose as former landlords or employers so the information being collected will sound good to the individual conducting the background check.
  • As PURE Property Management of Texas processes nearly 2,000 applications yearly, our experience allows us to best determine the qualities and likelihood of approving only the best applicants for our landlords’ properties.

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