7 Questions You Should Ask When Referring a Property Management Company!


Check out the company’s online reputation. Companies can not control Google Reviews. Look at the number of reviews. Look at the ratings. Just a few reviews, even if they rate high might mean they are not customer focused or have not been in business very long. A recent study found that 78% of prospective residents said the property management company’s online reviews were the biggest factor in choosing where to live. For millennial's in the study, it was even higher, at 86%.


Do they sell Real Estate? Is the company a sales company or a property management company?

If they have a sales division, do they market to your clients? Do they market to your clients residents with a buyer program? If they do, are they really focused on your clients best interest? We are a property management company, period. Your clients are always referred back to you. (We place a disclaimer in each of our management contracts stating the landlord is never obligated to use our company for future sales or purchases).


Look at their level of commitment to the property management industry. PURE Property Management of Texas is a Certified Residential Management Company. Less than 50 companies nationwide have earned this company designation. PURE is committed to staying not only educated but proactive to the changes and trends in the property management industry. This level of commitment means your landlord referral partner with a company that protects them and their investment properties.


Is the company large enough to provide proper service to your clients? Small and single person office don’t have the systems, the insurance, the personnel to handle issues when one individual is either sick or on vacation.


Is it a true partnership? Some property management companies say they want to partner with you. Do they really want you to look good to your clients? Do they allow you to lease the property? GDAA Property Management does, you lease, we manage. Do they allow you to list properties for Do it Yourself Landlords and offer to run backgrounds and applicant screening? These services let you run your business and look good to your clients.


Do they offer Six Guarantees to your clients and full disclosure tiered pricing? Nothing hidden, full transparency and guarantees because we are confident in how we manage the investors properties.


We value the importance of the relationship we have with the real estate community. So much so, we offer a generous referral fee program.

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