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We make sure you get paid on time, every time. We pay you faster, every month and we guarantee it!

Our goal is to make sure you are paid in full and on time! Many companies make that claim, but we have a track record to prove it! We even have an on time payment guarantee. We pay our clientss on the first business day after the 5th of each month. We guarantee it. We don’t get paid if you don’t get paid!

  • Residents are offered a variety of ways to pay rent, so you can get your money as quickly as possible.
  • In addition, we treat each resident with respect as a positive relationship with a resident leads to timely rent payments as well as better care for your property.
  • The vast majority of our residents pay their monthly rent through our easy-to-access on-line payment options, minimizing missed or late rent payments.
  • Payment Terms

    • We expect that residents pay by the first day of each month. Texas law is that Landlords must have a grace period when collecting rent. Our policy is rent is due on the first and is considered late if not paid by midnight on the third.
    • Our rent collections and delinquency policies are strictly enforced:
      • Any resident, prior to the due date, that signs an mutually agreeable payment plan, otherwise all residents are considered to have paid the rent late if not in our office by midnight of the third. As a matter of fairness and staying within HUD regulations, our late policies are strictly enforced.
      • Residents that have not paid on time will receive a certified three day notice to vacate the property letter.
      • Approximately five days later, eviction filings in the Justice Court are filed on any remaining resident that has not brought their account current.
      • Court dates are usually scheduled within the next ten day.
      • Property managers will appear in court on your behalf for residents that still have not paid the rent in full.
      • Once the judge renders a verdict for the plaintiff, ( our company on your behalf). The resident has five days to appeal the ruling.
      • If the resident has not brought their account current or has not vacated the property, we go back to court and request a Writ of Possession from the court.
      • Once the Writ of Possession has been filed, representatives from PURE Property Management of Texas will coordinate with the local Constables office and any and all of the residents possession are removed from the property and placed on the front lawn. The property is re-keyed and it is now our job getting the property rent ready and securing a new resident.

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