Full Service
Upfront Pricing - No Hidden Fees
Monthly Management Fee Austin 8%
Corpus Christi 10%
Leasing Resident Placement Fee 80% of Full Month’s Rent - No Set Up Fees. 80% of Full Month’s Rent - No Set Up Fees.
Platinum Monthly Fee N/A $70/Month
30 Day Management Guarantee
Cancel Any Contract With a 30-Day Written Notice
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Leasing Guarantee
Never Pay more than 2 listing fees in any 12 month lease period
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Pet Damage Guarantee
Up to $1,000 damage per approved pet
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Satisfaction Guarantee
100% refund of all management fees if not satisfied in the first 90 days.
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Resident Guarantee
If a resident we approved does not fulfill the first 12 Month's of their lease, we will pay the lease commission to secure a new resident. This guarantee assures that you will never pay more than one leasing placement fee in the first 12-month period. (Military personnel with relocation orders are excluded from this guarantee.)
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Professional Rent Assessment
Comprehensive rental analysis to ensure you receive the highest amount of rental income in your time frame
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Administration Fee - None
No Administration or Startup Fee
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No Monthly Management Fee When
Property is Vacant
Our philosophy is we are in a partnership- when your property is vacant, or the resident has failed to pay rent, we do not charge a management fee. When you don’t make money, we don’t make money.
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Start Up Fee - None check icon check icon
Extensive Advertising Marketing Plan
Including Video Tour
Comprehensive advertising plan to insure your property rents quickly and for the highest value.
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Finding and Screening Qualified Residents
High qualification screening standards. See Resident Selection Criteria for specific resident qualifications.
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Screening All Animals
All animals are screened by a third-party vendor to help identify “fake” service animals and problem pets
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Comprehensive Owner Updates
We send out weekly updates to you on the status of your rental during the lease up process
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Resident Realtor Commission
Commission paid to the Realtor that brings us a qualified resident. This fee is included in the Resident Placement Fee.
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Lease Preparation
Preparation and execution of fully compliant Texas Association of Realtors promulgated lease
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Full Legal Compliance
Fully licensed staff who conducts activities in accordance with State and Federal law and the National Association of Residential Property Managers code of Ethics.
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Direct Deposit of Rental Proceeds
All rental proceeds are paid the 1st business day after the 5th of each month.
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Rent Collection
Strict policies and standards are in place to collect rent as quickly and effectively as possible.
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Convenient Rent Payments Options
Multiple options for residents to pay on time conveniently on-line or at multiple retail locations.
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Detailed monthly statements, annual reports, and IRS- compliant reporting. check icon check icon
Property Accounting and Reporting
Detailed monthly statements, annual reports, and IRS- compliant reporting.
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Property Maintenance
Long term relationships with our vendors to insure you receive best service and volume-based pricing. No Company mark-ups on repairs, you will receive a copy of each invoice paid on your behalf
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Property Evaluations
Detailed move-in and move-out evaluations in addition to annual third-party review and report on property condition.
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Utility Coordination
Coordinated Utilities turned on and off during vacancies by management company. No client involvement required.
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24/7 Emergency Hotline check icon check icon
No Cost Air Filter Replacement Program
Residents receive regular shipments of filters sent directly to their front door, reducing resident's energy cost and equipment repairs.
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Year End Statement and 1099
Year End Statement and 1099 Reporting
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$100,000 Resident Liability Insurance
Mandatory Resident requirement that offers up to $100,000 liability insurance for owner’s protection.
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Monthly Rental Proceeds Rapid
Rental proceeds are distributed the 1st business day after the 5th of each month
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Resident Move-Out and Security
Coordination, inspection, and final distribution of resident's security, including make ready repairs as needed.
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Lease Renewal Fee
Current rental analysis to insure accurate rental market rates. Negotiating new rate and any term adjustments, create renewal, follow-up to insure timely response.
$150 check icon
Property Inspection
Third party company that will conduct a thorough review and assessment of the property prior to resident renewal. Complete assessment including numerous photos will be sent to you upon completion.
$129 check icon
Home Warranty Coordination Fee
Clients that choose a Home Warranty company will incur a $25.00 per claim charge for the additional oversight and time required to coordinate with the home warranty company.
$35/Incident check icon
Insurance Claim Handling/Oversight Fee
This fee is usually refundable from insurance carriers as most carriers include it when issuing a payout as they understand and value a property management company with a dedicated maintenance department.
$100/Incident $100/Incident
Landlord Protection Insurance

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