Maintenance is a critical function of both property management and return on an investor's investment. Property maintenance of your investment property is an ongoing need. Just as in your personal residence, things can wear out. Routine maintenance is critical to prevent high repair bills when it is too late. Residents take better care of a home they know will be maintained.


The number one reason a resident vacates a property is a rent increase. The second biggest factor is maintenance issues. Most investors only think about the actual cost of a maintenance work order and that is important. What we understand is the intangible factor when it comes to maintenance request. Residents that experience unsatisfactory results from maintenance issues are 31% more likely not to renew their lease. On the positive side, 46% of the residents that did renew their lease, stated maintenance issues being dealt with in a timely manner played a deciding factor. Keeping cost down, placing ownership of the repair on the responsible party, clear and timely communication, and staying compliant with the Texas Property Code all play a factor in high resident satisfaction.

Maintenance is a big deal at PURE Property Management of Texas. We have proudly partnered with Property Meld in the timely scheduling of all maintenance request. Statics show that a good maintenance department when partnering with Property Meld, have increased resident satisfaction by 87%. That’s a big deal when it comes to resident retention.


  • 24/7 maintenance support for residents and clients
  • After-hours emergency line
  • Easy to use online portal for non-emergency maintenance requests
  • Reliable network of vetted vendors.
  • No mark-up on maintenance work orders.
  • Fully transparent maintenance expenses. You see a copy of each invoice we pay on your behalf.

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